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David blogs about peer-to-peer knowledge and relevant issues for public administrators over at pubadmin.org.

Public Administration Practitioners at Academic Conferences: Why to Present and How to Succeed

Most practitioners never attend any of the public administration academic conferences, but it could be well worth your time. And if you attend, it makes sense to give a presentation. David’s new working paper advises why to present, and how to do it successfully.

Hack and Tell for Public Administrators

Civic hackers are changing government, applying do-it-yourself, do-it-together and open source to create what government hierarchies won’t. Some civic hackers are public administrators; many are software developers, journalists, community organizers, lawyers, etc. This column will report on civic hacking in the national capital area, to show how we can each be more than our place in an organization chart.

Medical Case Reports as a Model for Public Administrators

Medical journals traditionally include case reports–a short article describing the circumstances, treatment and results of one patient’s case, reported by the doctor who treated the case. This is a model for how public administration practitioners could share experiences for peer-to-peer learning.

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“The Gov Innovator podcast is based on a belief that public management and results-focused leadership are critical to addressing our nation’s important challenges at the federal, state and local levels. Its goal is to share useful practices and insights from public sector innovators and experts.”

You can stream or download the following podcasts these and more over at govinnovator.com.  They are also available on iTunes.

Twelve “better practices” that can help public leaders tackle key organizational challenges and boost results: An interview with Bob Behn, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School – Episode #124

Bob Behn of the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) is one of the leading thinkers on the subjects of public management and leadership. He has argued that public agencies are unlikely to produce better results simply by creating rules, requirements or performance systems. A more effective approach, he notes, is to help managers learn better leadership practices.

How school districts can use rigorous program evaluation to test new education reforms: An interview with Matthew Lenard, Director, Data Strategy and Analytics, Wake County Public Schools – Episode #123

When schools or school districts implement district wide reform initiatives, how can they accurately determine if those reform efforts are having the positive effects that school leaders had hoped? How, in other words, can they move beyond anecdotes or simple trend data and rigorously evaluate their district wide reform initiatives?

Determining if your program is having a positive impact (i.e., impact evaluation 101): An interview with David Evans, Senior Economist, The World Bank – Episode #122

Is my program or initiative having a positive impact?  It’s a question about which organizational leaders may want hard evidence, either to take stock and help improve program results, or to satisfy their authorizers or funders who may be asking for rigorous evidence of impact. Either way, how can you determine the impact of your program? And which strategies may sound useful but are unlikely to produce accurate answers?

PA Times an ASPA National publication

The PA Times is our regularly released public service online newspaper with columnists and commentary that often follow themes and trends.

Has Terror Won?
by Michael Popejoy, May 31, 2016
We are experiencing heightened social tension, widespread community mistrust and a perceived need for excessive security. Everyone is on edge, looking over their shoulder in a state of heightened vigilance. My recent attendance at a religious event, along with observations from local churches, proves this point and…

Community Development for Millennials
by Adesanya Omoniyi Adekoya, May 31, 2016
As we face a future that is expected to witness growing community intervention in governance, we must weigh the contribution of millennials toward community development. Millennials, agreed among statisticians as the largest generation in history, are now advancing into adulthood. This mean that they are poised to…

Millennial Changes and Implications for Governance Models
by Selena Martinez, May 27, 2016
I am unlike most millennials. I still believe that we can have an impact on our government and society. If we want to radically change Washington, we have to be a part of this imperfect system and change it from within. If we choose a path of…

The ASPA National blog

ASPA also has its own blog with member contributions at the national level.  Check out these interesting topics.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Federalism, States’ Rights and Citizens
by Winnie Eke, May 31, 2016
Recent events in this country have made me reflect on the ideas of federalism, states’ rights and humanity. The once American dream of freedom and liberty is at the crossroads. I am often in awe of pronouncements made by those in politics and the policymaking bodies who make hateful and inhumane decisions. According to the…

Management from the Road: You Can’t Teach That
by Robyn-Jay Bage, May 26, 2016
A new wrestling superstar tag team is coming up the ranks, Enzo and Big Cass. The one called Enzo is a fast talking, fast-moving character whose gift of gab seems to make up for his lack of height. Big Cass is over 7 feet tall. Watching them wrestle, one can see while they might not…

Putting Things Straight
by Jason Bowns, May 24, 2016
School children find themselves stranded after a plane crash and must find a way to survive on an island. You may remember that story as relayed in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Early efforts at creating some sort of social order gradually disintegrate into an all-out survival of the fittest. There, the character Ralph, a…