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IAmPublicAdministration puts faces on the multifaceted and sometimes obfuscated world of public administration. Each month, chapter members representing federal, state, and local government as well as nonprofits.  We ask them to share with us a bit about what they do as administrators and how their work is important for the public. They also share some biographical content and contact links, in case you’d like to reach out. Future editions may branch out to include academia and other sectors. We hope you enjoy this segment and ask for your feedback.

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Lashae Lambert (State Government)

I am the DEI Policy and Implementation Strategist at the Department of Medical Assistance Services for the Commonwealth of Virginia. My job is to ensure that all aspects of public […]

Natalie Donahue (Federal Government)

My name is Natalie Donahue and I am the Chief of Evaluation in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) at the U.S. Department of State. In my spare […]

Steven Putansu, PhD (Federal Government)

I split my time as a public servant at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO); a professorial lecturer at American University; and a public management scholar. I try, as much […]

Connie L. Berhane (Federal Government)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself. I am a Senior Management Analyst with over 20 years of Federal Civil Service. I currently work for the Department of the […]

Arthur Elkins (Local Government)

My name is Arthur Elkins and my employer is the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). I serve in the role of Inspector General at WSSC. As the independent Inspector General […]

Alexander Anton (Nonprofit)

Alex Anton is currently Senior Manager of Policy Research Operations at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration from George Mason University and a Bachelor’s […]

Nawras Taffal (Federal Government)

I am a leader with a strong engineering and public administration background, and executive skills that when put to use can make things happen. I have a passion for success […]

Chris Harrington (Local Government)

Budget and Management Analyst, Dept. of Finance, City of Baltimore I currently work for the City of Baltimore in the Department of Finance as a Budget and Management Analyst. Before […]

Isaac White (Federal Government)

Systems Analyst, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) I decided on a career in public administration while serving as an Army combat medic in Iraq. I witnessed some […]

Yianni Alepohoritis (Federal Government)

Management and Program Analyst, U.S. Department of Education I am a Management and Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Education. I serve as a Program Officer for the Education Innovation […]