Chris Harrington (Local Government)

Budget and Management Analyst, Dept. of Finance, City of Baltimore

I currently work for the City of Baltimore in the Department of Finance as a Budget and Management Analyst. Before coming to Baltimore, I spent nearly three years leading government affairs for a statewide advocacy organization in Connecticut.

As a Budget and Management analyst I am responsible for guiding eight agencies through the City’s outcome based budgeting process. Additionally, Baltimore is nationally recognized for its fiscal responsibility and budgetary prowess. I assist my portfolio of agencies in financial planning during the current fiscal year to ensure that operational goals are effectively met and resourced. Finally, I also identify and implement managerial and procedural changes to make City government work more efficiently.

Outside of my work with the City, I am researching and developing a public health toolkit, which is designed to integrate explicit considerations of public health in decisions including policies, practices, programs, and budgets. Too often, policies and programs are developed and implemented without thoughtful consideration of public health outcomes. When public health is not explicitly brought into operations and decision-making, poor public health outcomes are likely to be perpetuated.

The problems that our world faces are becoming increasingly more complex. In trying to solve these problems, I help government to understand how the financial and administrative decisions they make today can impact the people they serve years down the road. Our current environment is the sum of all the decisions that were made before us. It is our responsibility to do everything that we can to better our present and future.

I look forward to connecting with more ASPA-NCAC members. Feel free to reach out to me through my LinkedIn profile, or email me at